We, the Diamond Clothing manufacturers, specialists in all weather and all kinds of Jackets, are based in West Midlands (U.K.). A passionate and reliable Manufacturer is the backbone of any product or brand in the market today. For the last 25 years, we have been keeping our name in the top ranks of this competitive market, guided by the following two principles – Quality and Service.

As the manufacturers of quality Jackets, we stick to our policy of maintaining the standards of market retailer brands by meeting the expectations of the end customers. Material quality, fit and the performance of our products are the only source of our satisfaction. We work with retail brands for the product development, selection of material, production method, and finishing techniques. We deeply understand and respect the ever changing trends as well as the requirements of the retail and wholesale market as today’s consumers have high expectations of the entire product they purchase.

The quality of our products is determined by the features of each of its components including details of the fabric, stitch, fitting and to the very last finishing detail. Only consumers play the final role in establishing a brand and respecting their wishes, we create high quality products.

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