Today, in the rapidly expanding national and international market of Jackets, specialized variety is the need of the hour. Not only for numerous professions custom made Jackets are required but the fashion and individual needs have been changing every minute. At Diamond Clothing Manufacturing facility, all kinds of Jackets are created, keeping in mind the individual fashion market as well as the Corporate requirements. Some of the popular Jackets manufactured by us include:

Harrington Jacket, Donkey Jacket, Fleece Jacket, Monkey man jacket, Parka jacket, Quilted Jacket, Reflector Jacket, Tweed Jacket, Wax Jacket, Cape Coat, Duffle Coat, Mac Coat, Military Mac Coat, Pea Coat, Wrap Coat, Trench Coat and a number of other styles as per the requirements of our esteemed customers.

The designs as well as the requirements of the consumer market are tremendous and diverse. Not only all weather and types of different Jackets and Coats of various designs, needs, fabric and stitch are manufactured at our facility but Jackets as uniform for workforce and other staff in a number of organizations are also manufactured by us e.g. Toyota, Mercedes, Parcel Line and others.

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